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Hi, My name is Brandon Oaks and I am a survivor. 

In grade twelve my parents heard what no parents want to hear from their doctor about their son.  “Brandon has cancer.”  All of Colquitt County revved up in some massive prayers for me. 


They worked!  After a year of chemo and radiation, and I was declared free of cancer. 


Overcoming death at such an early age left me with an appreciation for life that makes me believe that every day is a gift. 


Every day is a gift that we can walk in, make the most of, and enjoy.  I see the world with a lot more beauty than most, knowing I have escaped death.  It forced me to grow up quickly, maybe before my time, and face some very adult issues.


Because I am a survivor, I choose to see the beauty in people, serving them and appreciating them.  It solidified my spiritual compass, always pointing to the fact that God is good.  Even though life can be hard and bad things happen, all good things come from God!  I learned to see how good He really is! 

When I was in college, my dad bought a small pressure washer and said, “Don’t plan on anything for Saturday.”  He went through the neighborhood and passed out “Hungry College Kid” flyers, and my brother and I learned what hard work is! 


It was then that I began to learn the power of creating a job rather than just looking for one.  It opened my eyes to the cost of being my own boss.  It challenged me to deliver excellence. 


All through college, pressure washing supported me and gave me something to be proud of.  Through the years, driven by the desire to deliver excellence, I learned the best techniques and chemical mixtures and enjoyed making people ecstatic at the restoration of their properties. 


I love it when property owners are in amazement of their property’s beauty when I complete a job. 


Most recently, while doing disaster relief, I met the love of my life at a coffee shop in Thomasville.  It was love at first sight!  We are married and active in our church as worship leaders.  No children yet…


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